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Pedigree of CH Big Thompson's Archangel of Bearhill
a Top Stud Dog Club Member
1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation

GCHS CH Cherokee Legend Maxwell

GCh B-Loved Nothing But Net

GCH Bringin's Sexy Back

Ch Trimbull Zito

CH Legend Sumo Of Ful Ton

Collin's Little Honey Bear

Fantastik Dog Mafia Magia (LAT)


Zaira Z Lebedova Dvora

CH B-Loved Talk is Cheap

CH Beefeater's Muscle Man of Imok

CH Beefeaters Linebacker

Penix's Shooting Star 4 Tara

B-Loved First Edition

CH B-Loved Bookman of Bulldog U

Dulcinea's Bahama Breeze

Cherokee Legend Mariah

GCH Cherokee Origin Just Johnny

GCH Hetherbull Toplin O-O

CH Zotoluco Villanueva

CH Hetherbull Topline Talk About Me

Cherokee Legend Moneypenny

CH Cherokee Legend Rock

Cherokee Ultimate Emma

CH Cherokee Legend Wynona

CH Cherokee Legend Rock

Ch Cherokee Legend Crazy Horse

Ch Empires Cleopatra

Cherokee Cloever Colleen

CH Little Ponds Chief

Ch Cherokee Legend Shillelagh

Ch Cherokee Chris Clark of Bearhill

Ch Graybulls Martin Miller

Ch Little Ponds Gold Label

Ch Little Ponds Rebel

CH Helfyrs Warmvalley Sixspence

Little Ponds Bid Rum Brandy

Ch Helfyrs Little Ponds Promise

CH Little Ponds Cheif

CH Helfyr-Lebo's Grace Poupon

Ch Zasa Graybulls Tara

Ch Graybulls Charm N Vallee Boy

CH Cherokee Mardell Rudy Vallee

Graybull's Third Times A Charm

CH Gemstone's Idle Chatter

CH Flippin's Scout

Betfras Boudin Blanc Of Miji

Ch Cherokee Robin

Ch Cherokee Legend Rock

Ch Cherokee Legend Crazy Horse

CH Legacy's Cajun Zeus

CH Cherokee Mardel Sage

Ch Empires Cleopatra

CH Flippins Scout

Kongs Kat Butler

Cherokee Cloever Colleen

Ch Little Ponds Cheif

CH Cherokee Legend Garth

CH Little Ponds Splash

CH Cherokee Legend Shillelagh

CH Mugshot's Standing Ovation

CH Cherokee Legend Dallas

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