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Rose's Firedog Bulldogs
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GCH CH Rose’s Great Ballz Of Fire
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Firedog Walkin’ Blues Son Of A Gun
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CH Firedog Tiny Dancer
Napa, CA 94559 USA
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I have been actively showing Bulldogs since 2009. After growing up with Labs from the time I learned to walk, and owning and training several other breeds from Dogue de Bordeaux to Chihuahuas, my heart was stolen by a Bulldog puppy I named Havok. I honestly was not entirely sold on the breed when my brother bought a Bulldog puppy in 1993 and I had Rottweilers. I thought he was a funny little dog! Cute yes, and so full of energy. I wish I had noticed then what a remarkable breed this is. I am so glad I didn't waste a lifetime not finding out! Once a Bulldog owns you, that's IT! In my opinion, there is no better breed out there because of their sensitivity and how they just love people. They are highly intelligent dogs, and won't waste their energy doing something they think is pointless. People often mistake this for being lazy. They are anything but lazy! A Bulldog just wants to be involved with anything you are doing, go anywhere you go. And talk about being the class clown! They all have very different personalities, very silly and creative. You never know what a Bulldog might think of next. They are endlessly entertaining. I laugh every day and enjoy every moment I spend with my Bulldogs. Spend a little bit of time with a Bulldog, and they will sell you on this wonderful breed too!

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